Environmental Responsibility

By being Pesticide free, we use no pesticide sprays to kill bugs that get attracted to our crop. We use no herbicides, like Round Up, to control weeds so we can keep our soil full of all their natural organisms. We also place organic matter, such as nut husk and shell, coffee beans and tree trimmings, back into our soil to help boost those natural organisms.

We use only BFA approved fertilizers and all our Foliar sprays are all natural like seaweed based fertilizers.

We have a 20kw solar system which provides 2/3 of the power used on our farm and in our Gift shop and all our rain water is also harvested to be used on site for the day to day running of our farm.

Also in our Shop and café with only use 100% bio-degradable plastic bags and coffee cups.

About Us

commercial growing macadamia plantations in Australia

Our family-owned farm is one of the most southern commercial growing macadamia plantations in Australia.

Hours of operation

  • Breakfast (9:00am to 3:00pm daily)
  • Lunch (9:00am - 3:00pm daily)
  • Hot Drinks (9:00am - 5pm daily)
  • Cold Drinks (9:00am - 5pm daily)
  • Dessert (9:00am - 5pm daily)
  • Macadamia products (9:00am - 5pm daily)

Closed on public holidays


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